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Such an opinion will come as a shock to the tens of thousands
who have read Nehru's best selling autobiography with its picture
of a sensitive, cultured man constantly thwarted by the brutality
of British Imperialism.
One of the few outstanding ex-Congress leaders who was not in
gaol in 1943 was C. R. Rajagopalachari.    He spent most of the
year in a futile effort to bring about some sort of reconciliation
between Jinnah and Gandhi.    I had a long talk with " C.R/ in
Madras, and he struck me as a man of the subtlest intelligence
whom I should certainly employ as counsel in any case which
demanded.. .shall I >ay.. .a "sinuous" interpretation of the facts.
He is of course, a Brahmin of the Brahmins, fanatical prohibition-
ist, and one of the ablest interpreters of the Gandhi oracle.    He
asked me not to quote what he said, and I shall respect his wishes.
But that need not deter us from quoting his public utterances.  In
a recent speech at Luckn,ow University he gave the frankest
possible exposition of his- reverence for the Germany of Frederick,
von, Moltke and Hindeuburg; he held up to the admiration of
Young India 'that wonderful outcome of scientific organization,
the German army*: and he demanded, if Germany could "rise*
and 'revive* after the last war (an odd way of describing the
German descent into the Xazi abyss) why Indian nationalism
should despair of following her example.
As Roy says : fc Germany, not the Germany of Goethe, Lc.ssiag,
and Beethoven, nor of the rebels of 1848, nor of Haeckel, Helm-
holtz, Koch, Yirchow, Planck, etc., but the Germany of the I^aiser^
and of Hitler, has always been the beloved of the Indian, nationalist.
In contrast to this curious sympathy, Indian nationalism has never
felt any sympathy for France, the land of great revolutionary
He continues:
"The cult of an, onniipo'cent State, which prevailed among the
Prussians, found full and explicit warrant in the teaching of Hegel.
The logic of tyranny was gilded by the ethical beauty of sacrifice.
The state was God. In the name of that abstraction, millions must
ie prepared to work, to suffer and to perish. That is exactly the
ideal which Mr. Rajagopalachari placed before the youth of our
country. The rise of the modern German nation, in his opinion.